Respect Life

Calling all Pro-Lifers!!!

St. Matthias parishioners & Fr. Chris showed up to pray on March 13th !
 Montgomery County 40 Days for Life campaign continues during Lent.


The location is Planned Parenthood at Louetta & Kuykendahl ( )

Visit their website & see the information presented for yourself.  
We are praying for an end to abortion, but there is a sexual culture of
promiscuity they are pushing on our young people.  
Look at the "Info for Teens" link towards the bottom right.


Access this link to schedule a time to go and pray. 

(**Important Note**  Park in the Kroger parking lot.  Then, walk over to the 
side strip center to the left of Kroger facing Louetta.  Stand in grass area
between the parking lot and the street directly in front of the PP entrance.)

Contact : Danica Botello at 832-515-8463 for more information
This ministry is founded on a deep commitment to and appreciation for God’s gift of human life in an age which threatens His gift with unprecedented attacks on the weakest and most defenseless among us and refusal to accept responsibility for the mentally and physically handicapped, elderly and imprisoned that can find Christ with faith-based alternatives.
What We are About 
This ministry provides spiritual and educational programs, information and activities to the parish and community to bring to attention today's life issues. Following the Diocesan Respect Life Office Guidelines, each year provides focus on new and different ways that the culture of death pervades our society. The goals of our ministry are to educate the parish and community on these issues and pray for a culture of LIFE for all.   

What We Do 
We provide guidance and support for unwed mothers that choose life through Project Gabriel. We educate the parish and community on Life Issues; bring awareness through campaigns such as the annual Life Chain; educate by workshops and bringing in special speakers; enact policy and legislative change through awareness and special campaigns and; offer prayer and worship through Masses and Rosaries for Life

How Can You Help?
Our ministry meets monthly to pray, share information, plan events, and and discuss how to best serve our parish and the community regarding life issues. We then carry out the actions that are necessary to make a difference. We are delighted to have new members to whatever degree you wish to participate. We meet on the fourth Thursday of the month at 7pm in the Resource Room off the Parish Hall. 

***See the links to the right of your sceen and write your  congressmen often regarding LIFE issues.  Sites regarding IMMEDIATE NEEDED ACTION are posted for your convenience.  Every voice should be heard.   

For More Information

Persons interested in learning more about the Respect Life Ministry should contact the Parish Office at or by phone 281-356-2000; or contact the Respect Life Coordinator Danica Botello at / or by phone 832-515-8463